Simplify Working From Home

When working from home, how will employees communicate? how will you securely access your files? How will you access company resources? Most businesses have files that can only be accessed while at their place of business. Your company’s files could contain sensitive information that should only be accessed by authorized employees. How can you be sure that when your employees work from home, they can securely access the files they need? How can you be sure that your files do not fall in the hands of the wrong person? Synchronicity can provide easy to use secure solutions to keep your files safe when working from home.

Microsoft SharePoint
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A solution that Synchronicity provides for remote work is Microsoft SharePoint. With SharePoint, your business’s files are securely stored on the cloud. These files can be accessed by your employees anywhere with a internet connection. When accessing these files, the connection is encrypted so that any unauthorized accessor would not be able to read or modify your company’s sensitive data. SharePoint is a powerful tool that not only allows for file sharing between your employees, but also provides collaboration tools that enables multiple employees to access and edit the same document at the same time.

Microsoft Teams
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When your company has employees working from home, how will you conduct a meeting? How will employees collaborate with each other? Synchronicity has the answer, Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams provides video conferencing, group chat, one-on-one chat, file sharing, and other great features.


Synchronicity can configure your business to use a secure VPN to connect remote workers to your companies’ network. A VPN will allow employees to access internal corporate resources such as a file shares, terminal servers, and websites.  A VPN uses end to end encryption to make all traffic between your company and your remote employees completely incomprehensible to anyone listening in.