Computer Networking Services

Every company requires networking to provide internet access for all your services to function. Synchronicity focuses on streamlining your network components, so they continue to provide connectivity to your employees with minimal disruptions at all times. We also focus on network security, and providing connectivity to employees who work remotely, outside of the office. If you are in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area or around the Twin Cities, we can come to you. We can also work remotely to maintain and upgrade your existing infrastructure.

Network Firewall

Synchronicity provides routing through various vendors using their firewall products. We can analyze any existing network infrastructure and provide a solution that will fit all the needs of the company. Synchronicity can also provide redundant internet connectivity with a router in the case of an outage with one internet service provider. We can also configure firewall routers to prevent network attacks and provide access to resources in a secure manner.


Synchronicity provides computer network connectivity to phones, desktops, printers, mobile devices and more through the use of network switches. These devices can be configured by Synchronicity to provide a high-quality connection to network resources and the internet. We also segment networks using switches so that network resources are restricted to only the intended personnel, providing a physical layer of security.


Synchronicity provides computer network connectivity wirelessly using access points. We analyze the physical location where clients desire their wireless connectivity to provide the perfect solution, regardless of the number of devices that will connect. We can also provide wireless access to guests without compromising the security of the network.