Synchronicity provides a variety of workstations for all anticipated workloads in a business environment. From mobile workstations to fine tuned desktops. We fine tune the Windows Operating system to provide a comfortable experience for clients. We specialize in the migration of data from older operating systems to the most current Windows Operating system. We also specialize in backups for workstations to make sure all your personal data is secure in the event of ransomware or a disaster.

Reliable Mobile Laptops

Modern laptops and fully integrated docking stations provide a reliable workstation in the office with the ease of taking the laptop home at your convenience. Your files are available through the use of a secure Virtual Private Network (VPN). Our team can remotely connect to your laptop while you have an internet connection, allowing us to assist you on the go.

Fine-Tuned Desktop Workstations

Modern desktops require some fine-tuning in regards to hardware and software to provide a comfortable experience and Synchronicity can provide the technical expertise to tailor a desktop for your specific business needs. We test workstations when they are ordered and configure all the necessary software to ensure that the desktop will provide the longevity and versatility that the modern work-space demands.

Seamless Workstation Backups

We never want it to happen, but it happens. Your desktop or laptop computer breaks down from something beyond your control and you can’t access your data. Synchronicity prepares for such an event with seamless workstation backups that allow us to get you back up and running in a flash. We offer physical backups and cloud backups based on your personal needs.