Security Services

Synchronicity is aware that there are many threats to the technology infrastructure that is in use and we work hard to mitigate those threats. Our team tests software and techniques to verify their effectiveness against any possible threats.


Synchronicity works with a variety of anti-virus programs to provide protection against malware and software virus threats. We provide customized policies for the anti-virus we deploy to your organization, protecting both workstations and servers alike. We make sure that regularly used services like printing are not affected, while protecting against unknown threats.

Spam Filtering

Synchronicity works with multiple spam-filtering services that prevent spam and phishing emails, providing a layer of security for the entire organization. We can also provide email protection from malicious personnel who attempt to impersonate management emails. We can help prevent unnecessary junk email and also provide employees reports on any blocked emails.


Synchronicity provides web-filtering through the use of technologies in firewalls to prevent unauthorized content throughout an organization. URL-Filtering can help prevent adware pop-ups when browsing the internet, and can also help protect against malicious add-ons that may be running in the background without your knowledge. We can also provide geographic-filtering to your email service so that emails from countries you don’t regularly work with are blocked.