Synchronicity provides planning, installation, configuration and monitoring for computational server resources. Businesses that integrate servers can benefit from the advantages of dedicated hardware for critical workloads. Synchronicity can assess the needs of existing or new business workflows and can suggest an appropriate hardware configuration that will provide a reliable resource for all employees in an organization.

Synchronicity specializes in the migration of data and services from outdated hardware and software to modern infrastructure.

Server Planning

From the initial concept to full integration, Synchronicity will help you find the hardware, software, and peripherals to integrate a fully planned server solution for your business needs. Our team caters to existing technologies and workflows by analyzing the current environment and creating detailed diagrams. This helps demonstrate the deep understanding of the complex infrastructure that is already in use, and we provide diagrams of proposals for our clients to have a visual understanding of what we intend to implement. By providing a diagram we can ensure that clients are on the same page as us every step of the way.

Server Installation

Synchronicity provides installation service for server equipment, from installing servers on a server rack to managing networking cables. Our technicians are trained to test new equipment to verify the hardware integrity and longevity. Our technicians are also trained to handle equipment with care, using safety techniques to properly install equipment and avoid interference with existing equipment when possible. 

Server Monitoring

Synchronicty provides monitoring services to ensure that existing equipment will continue operating at its optimal capacity. We monitor aspects of the server’s performance to analyze current use and can use performance metrics to determine if changes need to be made in the hardware or software to provide a better service. Our test environment allows us to simulate existing servers before making any changes to a production environment.