Have you been looking for a simple solution for cloud-based document collaboration, device file syncing, and version control? Microsoft SharePoint can seamlessly provide all these features, and many more!

Team working on a project in a group.

Team Collaboration

With SharePoint, multiple people can access and modify the same document at the same time, and their modifications will appear on all collaborators document. Collaboration is easy and seamless and productivity between employees will dramatically increase. Employees will be able to access these files anywhere, from any computer with file syncing. Files connected to SharePoint are saved both on the employees’ device and securely in cloud.

Eliminate the lost version of work with version control.

Version Control​

What if a change is made to a file that needs to be reverted? What do you do when important information gets overwritten? SharePoint has version control so that you can see all changes made to a document and even revert to a previous version. No information is ever lost with SharePoint.

Cloud Based

SharePoint is backed by Microsoft’s redundant and resilient infrastructure. Component services offered in Office 365 are functionally distributed, ensuring the scope and impact of failure is reduced and contained.  Reducing and keeping issues contained minimizes impact of potential service disruption.